About the ropen images seen above


Ropen Sketched by Patty Carson

On the left, we see the image drawn by the eyewitness Patty Carson, who was a child in Cuba in 1965. At the Guantanamo Bay U. S. military installation, she and one or two other children saw this featherless flying creature at close range. (She remembers the creature well and sketched it when she was an adult.)

“Pterodactyls” Sketched by Eskin Kuhn

The sketch of the two flying ropens was drawn within minutes of the sighting, which was in 1971 and also at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This was also a close sighting. It looks like these two were very likely of the same species as the flying creature seen by Patty Carson a few years earlier. Eskin Kuhn was a U.S. Marine at Gitmo when he encountered what he called “two pterodactyls.”

Glowing Indavas Videotaped by Paul Nation

Two glowing lights on a black background—those were videotaped by the American explorer Paul Nation, of Granbury, Texas. The two indavas had just begun to glow when the cryptozoologist was able to get his camcorder running, just before the two flying creatures flew up and out into the night sky.

Head-Sketch Composites From Hennessy and Hodgkinson

The similarities of these two composite sketches suggest the two eyewitnesses saw the same species of flying creature in New Guinea.

Brian Hennessy chose the shape shown on the top; Duane Hodgkinson, the one on the bottom. Neither man was aware of any interviewing details of the other man, so their choices were not influenced by each other.